Ladies League news 2016/17

To all Ladies Kent Clubs Secretaries

Dear Secretary

Ladies League news 2016/17

I hope you all have had a restful summer watching the Olympics and the Team GB Ladies taking the Gold medal. An amazing achievement and great news for hockey as a whole.

I would be grateful if you could pass this to members of your club who need this information.

1. Umpiring

a.  Division 1 – umpiring changes

Following a request from the KHUA due to the declining number of umpires available for the pool it was agreed at the Ladies Open Meeting that clubs will provide their own L1 umpire for these league games as with Div2-5. There is no longer a requirement to enter an umpire into the pool for Division 1. This decision will be reviewed during the Christmas break to see if it is working for the league, clubs and the KHUA.

b.  For clubs with teams in East Premier, 1S, 2SE and Kent Premier, a pool umpire should be provided for each team. You should have registered your umpires with Chris Peart (Ladies Coordinator). His email is Teams who do not provide a pool umpire for their game will lose one point per game for every game an umpire is not in the pool.

2. Registration Sheet

Please download the registration sheets from the Kent website. For clubs with a large number of players you may use an excel or word version however please ensure all the information required in the official version is mirrored.

A copy should be emailed to each Division League Rep in which you have a team by Friday 9th September 2016. Please note the change to the Division 1 Rep (now Kat Lichfield). Please submit all players in Registration Number Order or your Divisional Rep will ask for a corrected sheet to be submitted. Late registration sheets incur a penalty of £25.00.

Clubs with teams in the National and East Leagues are required to list these players and send a copy to the Divisional Rep. This can form part of the registration sheet but teams XI’s must be clearly shown. Following a rule change agreed at the Ladies Open Meeting on 8th June 2016 that 11 National League Players would be starred and that no National League players can be dropped to the Kent League. In the event of injury or team selection the club must speak with the League Secretary. East League players no longer need to be starred but again cannot be dropped without the permission of the League Secretary.

The change in this rule is designed to allow flexibility for younger players, addressing selection issues in smaller clubs and to help clubs manage their teams. However, we recognise this could be abused so will be reviewing its success at Christmas. Penalties will be applied for any club found abusing this rule and strengthening lower sides for key games.

3. Fixtures/Team Sheet/Results

a.  Kent Hockey will continue to use Fixtures Live for the 16/17 season. Please ensure all times and venues are entered by 31st August 2016. Teams in the Premier Division must enter the start times for all their games to enable to Umpire Appointments Secretary to allocate a pool umpire to these games. This should be done via the KHUA Umpires website. Appointments cannot be made without start times so please contact Chris Peart the Ladies Appointment Secretary if there are any issues.

b.  Remnants 2 have withdrawn from Division 5. However, we have new entrants from Blackheath & OE 4, Brombeck 6, Burnt Ash 6, Cliftonville 3 and Sevenoaks 7.

Team sheets should be downloaded from the Kent Website for use by each team at the league game. Please ensure the sheet is completed with the team line up (both registered number and shirt number if different) before the game and passed to the umpire. Captains and umpires should sign after the score and any cards have been entered. Fully completed team sheets should be emailed or posted to your Divisional Rep by away team the Wednesday after the league game. Results should be texted to Fixtures Live by the home team by 8pm on Saturday evening.

4. League Rules for 2016/17

There have been amendments made to the following rules :-

2 (c), 5 (e) & (c), 6, 7, 8 (d), (e – deleted), (i – new), 11 (a), 12 – re-numbered and a rule added, 14, 15. Please familiarise yourselves with these changes and all the rules in general. Several are key to rearranging cancelled games, National and East League players and the starring system and the age at which juniors may play senior hockey. Ignorance of the rules will not be a defense if you break them.

5. Changes to the rules of hockey

All clubs, Captains and League Umpires should check the England Hockey or KHUA website to see if any changes or clarifications have been made regarding the rules of hockey before the season starts.

6. Affiliation to the league

Your club should be affiliated to Kent by 1st September 2016. Clubs who have not paid their affiliation fees by the first league game are ineligible to play league hockey. Adrian Hull, Kent Treasurer, can provide further information. Email

7. Kent Handbook and Kent Website

Due to the cost of printing and postage the Kent Handbook will now be available on the Kent Hockey Website in a downloadable format. The updated Kent Ladies Outdoor Rules will also be available. However a PDF copy is attached for those needing rule 8 for registration purposes.

For ease and speed we will be looking to use the Kent Website Ladies League pages to update clubs on league news and any relevant communications. This should reduce the need for emails and all the information you need will be in one place.

8. League dates

Following a vote at the Ladies Open League Meeting the league now starts on Saturday 17th September rather than 10th September.

If you have any questions please contact your Division Rep or me. Have a good season.


Nicola Wilkes
Kent Ladies League Secretary