1. Name xx

The Kent League, if sponsored, shall take the name of that sponsor and whatever its title shall thereafter be referred to as The League.

2. Management/Liaison

a. The league shall be governed by the K.H A. A sub-committee shall be formed and comprise of the Divisional Reps, League Secretary and ANO. In addition, there will be a coordinator solely responsible for the Junior Leagues.

b. Rules may be altered at the AGM or a special meeting convened for that purpose, and any club having an item for the agenda must advise the K.H.A League Secretary 14 days before the meeting. All clubs shall be entitled to have access to an agenda.

c. All Senior teams must have a cancellation telephone number shown on their website or team pages of the Kent Hockey website. Each team will be responsible for notifying their umpire and Divisional Rep of the postponement and the re-arranged date. All Junior teams MUST supply a contact name and telephone number to the Junior League Secretary immediately on receipt of the League Schedule for the current season.

3. Membership

All clubs participating in the League must be affiliated to the K.H.A and have paid their League subscription before the first game is scheduled to be eligible to play in the League. Any district team participating in the Junior league must inform the K.H.A of their intention to participate.

4. Fee

All clubs participating in the Senior League shall pay an entry fee by the first league game in September each year. The entry fee shall be reviewed annually.

5. Structure

a. The League shall be divided into divisions, each with its own winner’s trophy. At the conclusion of the season promotions and relegations for the Senior League shall be normally 2 teams promoted and relegated from ALL Divisions. Except for Premier Division which is normally only one team promoted to the East League.

b. The League reserves the right to disqualify those teams who continually fail to honour fixtures, or fail to score 3 points in a season, and they may be replaced by new applicants the following season.

c. Junior League – At the conclusion of each season the top 2 teams in Division One will be promoted to the Premier Division of the U18 League and the bottom 2 teams of the Premier Division will be relegated to Division One. No U18 Divisions will have more than 10 teams. The U14 and U16 Leagues shall follow Rule (c) if appropriate, otherwise they shall play a round robin. The K.H.A reserve the right to change the format should too few teams enter.

d. In the case of a tie in either the Junior or Senior League Divisional placings the club with the better goal difference shall be in the higher the position. In the event of a further tie the club with the most goals shall be deemed to be the higher. If the teams are still equal, leave the position as a tie, unless the position is one for promotion or relegation, in which case the following order should be considered

(i) the result of the games between the teams concerned,

(ii) a rematch,

(iii) penalty stroke competition.

e. Any club wishing to resign shall send their resignation to the League Secretary copied to their Divisional Rep, or U14/16/18 co-ordinator and all results so far will be declared null and void. This club shall be deemed to be a relegated club in its relevant division and there shall consequently be one less relegation to each lower division.

f. The Senior Premier Division winners as at the final published League game of the season will be eligible to be promoted to the East League Division (2SE) or East playoffs if applicable.

6. Scoring System

Points will be awarded as follows: 3 points for a WIN. 1 point for a DRAW. 0 points for a LOSS. See 5d.

7. Umpires

a. Each team must register and use a qualified Umpire for all leagues as follows:

i. Premier – Umpires must normally hold a Level 1 or above to umpire in the pool.

ii. Division One to Bottom Division – Umpires holding Level One or above or Men’s Graded Umpire (Level One or above)

iii. League umpires shall register themselves initially each season and through the Umpires Association if so required. Failure to register and use a qualified umpire will result in the loss of one point for each occasion. The Kent Umpire Appointments Coordinator will appoint umpires for Premier league fixtures and those appointed umpires MUST umpire in preference to the clubs own umpire. Appointed umpires will be paid per appointed game directly by K.H.U.A, the sum as approved by the K.H.U.A at their AGM.

iv. Clubs will provide a qualified umpire as rule (ii) for league games in Division One to bottom.

b. The League reserves the right to ask the K.H.U.A to approve standards of all pool umpires by a watching and grading session. All umpires attached to clubs gaining promotion to the Divisions in rule 7(a)(i) must make themselves available for assessment prior to the next league season.

c. The league reserves the right to disqualify any team who persistently fail to register and use a qualified umpire with the league.

d. Junior teams should use a Level One or above, and avoid the team Coach or Manager doubling as an umpire at the match.

8. Players

a. All clubs must register those members intending to play in the Senior League with the Divisional Representative by the agreed date. There is no upper limit to the number of players who can be registered. All players MUST have a registered number. Failure to do so will incur a £25 penalty per team.

b. When a club enters 2 or more squads: – All but the lowest squad must include a minimum of 12 names. Separate registration lists must be completed for each squad. No player can be registered on more than one Kent League Division Registration sheet.

c. In addition to playing for her nominated team, a player may only play for a higher team in any league fixture taking place on the same day. This includes National and East League fixtures and players. A league game (including National and East on parallel dates) originally scheduled to be played on a published league or reserve date and subsequently cancelled, shall be deemed to have been played for the purpose of this rule.

d. At the beginning of the season players playing in the National League and East Teams shall be registered on the Kent Registration Sheet (along with the other Club Teams in the Kent League). For National League Team, eleven of these players should be starred and cannot be dropped to a Kent side. The other players should be dropped to East first in accordance with East Rules (separate from Kent). If a need arises for a National League player to be dropped to a Kent League (ie rehabilitation after significant injury, months away from EHL hockey etc) then permission must be sought from the Kent League Secretary. There is no requirement to star East League players, these players can be dropped for injury or team selection purposes but only with the agreement of the League Secretary. If dropped they may only play for one Kent team on any Saturday. Any changes to EHL starred players can be made during the Christmas break. Any clubs found abusing this rule may be disciplined and points may be deducted (See Rule 17).

e. No player shall play League matches for more than one Club at any one time.

f. Any player changing clubs once the League has commenced can be registered with the League Secretary and Divisional Representative, and once registered is eligible to play immediately but see Rule 8(e).

g. Any player first joining a club or gaining promotion from another of the club’s teams once the League is underway can be registered with the League Secretary and the Divisional Rep. Once registered the player will be eligible to play immediately.

h. Any club found playing a member who has not registered fully in accordance with Rule 8 (f) and (g) will lose the match and 3 points will be awarded to their opponents. In the event of the offending team losing the match 3 points will be deducted from their total. Players involved i.e. not properly registered, may be suspended for two league games following the incident.

i. Date of birth for U14/U16/U18 League shall be 1st January of the year the new season commences.

j. In line with England Hockey guidance, Junior players must be 13 years of age to play in Kent Senior games.

9. Conduct

If any player receives a red card or if there is any dispute a report must be sent within 24 hours by the umpires and Captains to the Kent Disciplinary Officer who will instigate any disciplinary action within five days of receiving the report.

10. Uniform

a. Teams playing in the League must wear a proper club strip at all times consisting of a skirt/skort or shorts, shirt and socks. Cycling shorts may be worn under a skirt and must be of an appropriate colour to match the skirt.

b. In the event of a colour clash, shirt or socks, the away team MUST change their strip otherwise the game cannot commence unless both umpires agree.

11. Matches

a. All games will be arranged on the league dates decided by the K.H.A including reserve league dates which MUST be used for postponed games. Friendly matches must be cancelled if necessary. If a mid-week or Sunday fixture is deemed more convenient and can be played BEFORE the next available reserve date, it should be mutually agreed by both teams, both umpires, and the League Divisional Rep. If all League dates have been used from replaying POSTPONED games, a date agreed by both clubs and the Divisional Rep and League Secretary will be used. However, Fixture Secretaries will be responsible for the final arrangements necessary to play each fixture on these dates. All Senior league games should be completed by the last weekend in March where possible. Any games to be played after this date must be agreed by the Divisional Rep. Disputes over dates should be referred to Divisional Reps

b. Junior matches are scheduled to be played on Sunday with a starting time between 10.00am and 4.30pm. Postponed games must be played on allocated reserve dates and must be completed by (date to be advised).

c. If the Home pitch is known to be unfit or unavailable by Thursday p.m preceding the game and the away team can provide suitable facilities, clubs should switch venues.

d. A synthetic surface must be used for all games.

e. Any games to be played on a synthetic pitch must be booked with a starting time between 10.30am and 4.30pm or any time mutually agreed between the two teams.

f. Pitches used for League games must be properly marked, have corner flags and goals must have 18” backboards. The pitch should comply with the EH specifications and markings as per the Rules for the game of hockey.

g. The League reserves the right to insist that a team whose pitch does not comply with 11 (f) plays all home fixtures away.

12. Postponement or cancellation

a. Any game not played will be declared null and void. In the event of adverse weather over a prolonged period, the completion date for games could be extended at the discretion of the League Secretary. No Senior, U18, U16, or U14 game shall be postponed except:-

i. When the ground is not available owing to circumstances beyond the control of the home team.

ii. In the opinion of the team official, groundsman, or Umpire for the match, ground conditions would make play impossible. However, Clubs/Teams should ensure that the pitches are inspected in good time in the event of inclement weather and the opposition teams notified as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary travel.

iii. Where an U14, U16 or U18 League game falls on a half term holiday permission to re-arrange the fixture must be sought from the appropriate organiser.

b. When League matches have to be arranged, friendly matches must be cancelled if necessary.

c. Dispensation for postponements other than (i), (ii) or (iii) must be sought from the Divisional Reps or League Secretary or Junior Coordinator by the club concerned and in normal circumstances at least 7 days in advance of the fixture.

d. See Rule 14

e. The Divisional Reps must be notified on the day of the original fixture of any cancellations or postponements and where possible, the date of the re-arranged game. The next reserve date available should be used.

f. If a date was not agreed at the point of cancellation the date for the replay must be agreed between clubs within 14 days of the original cancelled league date and the Divisional Rep notified.

13. Abandonments

In normal circumstances the away team must be notified at least two hours before the agreed match time of any cancellation or in the case of the junior leagues no later than two hours before the match but preferably the evening before. In the event of both teams being on the field and the conditions becoming bad, the umpires only shall decide whether play shall commence or continue. No points will be awarded unless a game has been in progress 20 minutes each way or at least 20 minutes into the 2nd half.

14. Failure to Honour a Fixture

It shall be illegal to postpone a game by reason of either side being unable to field a full team. 3 points and 4 goals shall be awarded to the opposing team. However, any Senior League team having two or more regular players not available by reason of either officiating or being a member of a JAC U17 team or above may apply to the League Secretary for a postponement.

15. Notification of Results

For Senior League the HOME team must TEXT in the result to Fixtures Live by 8.00pm on the Saturday of the match and the AWAY team must send/post or email in a suitable format, a League form with the match result, team list and signatures to the appropriate Divisional Rep to arrive by the WEDNESDAY following the match. Failure by either team to complete and/or send/post/email in the form or text the result to Fixtures Live by 8.00pm on Saturday WILL incur a loss of 1 point and up to 3 points at the discretion of the Divisional Rep. Note: in the event of a technical problem at Fixtures Live the result may be phoned in on that occasion.

For Junior League games played on Sundays, the result must be phoned in by 8.00pm on the Sunday.

16. Hospitality

Home clubs are expected to offer hospitality before and after the match to visiting clubs and umpires, and should ensure guests are met on arrival and looked after for the duration of their visit. Visiting teams who do not intend to go back to the opposition’s clubhouse for hospitality must ensure their hosts are aware before the date of the fixture.

17. Binding Force of Rules

Each club by its entry into the League shall be deemed to have given its consent to the. Rules of the League, and to any amendments which may from time to time be adopted in proper form, and shall be deemed to have been agreed to abide by the decisions of the K.H.A Committee in accordance with Rules 2 and 3.

The K.H.A shall have the right to discipline any club found to act in any way contrary to the spirit or letter of these rules or who has acted in a way thought likely to bring the game into disrepute, and these may include suspension from the League.

18. Disputes/Appeals

Any player or club shall have the right to appeal on any disputed point through the Sub-Committee to the K.H.A whose decision is final.


Updated and agreed 8th June 2016