Pathway Contacts

  • County Coordinator  – Dave Parsons contact email:
  • County Treasurer     – Charles Darby
  • County Welfare         – Lorraine Bant,

DC Managers and Lead Coaches. Please remember that Managers have an overall administrative role and Lead coaches are coach leadership and venue management on any given evening of training. All enquiries should be with your coach first and foremost. All logistical problems should be directed at the DC Manager. Please use your centre first before contacting any of the County contacts listed above.

For 2020 DC and Managers

  1. Medway DC                        Marcus Davies : Held at Holcombe H.C.
  2. South East Kent                  Annie Hare  – Held at Canterbury HC
  3. Mid Kent DC                       Penny Web Held at Marden H.C.
  4. South Kent DC                    Janet Fuller: Held at Folkestone Optimist H.C,
  5. South West Kent DC          Alec Pelmore: Held at Tonbridge School  07785 714239

South Office Contacts
Telephone: 01628 897503
England Hockey Board   Bisham Abbey
National Sports Centre
Buckinghamshire SL7 1RR