Notice to all Clubs, Players and Supporters – Respect to Umpires

21/10/2017 8:01

As we continue into the 2017/2018 season, it is appropriate to issue a reminder to all clubs and players of their conduct towards umpires.  Feedback from the KHUA, County HUA’s and club umpires from last season is that dissent was at an all-time high both from players and from the side-lines. Put simply this has got to stop.

As we, including the umpires, are part of the hockey family it is time to bring this behaviour under control. We encourage all clubs to remind their players and supporters of their responsibility under the England Hockey Code of Conduct –  this applies to all players and all supporters both before, during and after the game.

We can’t play the game without umpires, they volunteer to give up their time so that we can all play hockey and we MUST give all umpires a positive level of support and encouragement.

Please remember that, where proved, penalties for umpire abuse from both England Hockey, the Kent Hockey Association and Kent Leagues will always be strong both against the individual and the club concerned.