Ladies League news 2017/18

29/08/2017 8:30

kha-pdf-iconTo all Ladies Kent Clubs Secretaries

Dear Secretary

Ladies League news 2017/18

I hope you all have had a restful summer.

I would be grateful if you could pass this to all members of your club who need this information, particularly those responsible for club administration and Captains.

1. Women’s Umpire Pool Provision

Clubs with a women’s team in East Division 1 South, East Division 2 South East and Kent Premier Division are obliged (by either the East Leagues or KHA rules) to nominate and provide a County HUA Umpire (e.g. Level 1 or Level 1 Assessed) to the Umpire Pool for each team in these leagues for every day that there is a league fixture involving said team.  Such umpires have to be ‘practically appointable’ (e.g. an umpire who also plays for a men’s team that is away for a midday fixture out of the county would not be appropriate). Individual umpires notify availability to the KHUA via their website so clubs do need to be proactive and ensure nominated umpires are both available and have notified their availability; the KHUA system allows for umpires to request an AM or PM game or location and every effort is made to accommodate such requests and playing commitments.

Pool umpires and any changes or substitutions of same must be notified to the KHUA Women’s Appointments Secretary (currently Chris Peart – 07717-782703 or – as soon as possible) who should also be contacted if there is an umpire provision-related problem.  KHUA also needs to be notified who is the POC within the club should there be any shortages or gaps; obviously, the earlier contact is made the better for all concerned.  Clubs should be aware that a number of neutral umpires retired at the end of last season so the KHUA will have less flexibility to cover any gaps where a club has an umpire shortage.  Please also be aware that if KHUA is unable to cover a gap where a club does not provide an umpire to the Pool, that club is unlikely to be allocated appointed umpires for their fixture on that date and, unless the fixture can be re-arranged, a points deduction or walk over to the opposition may result.

Clubs with a women’s team in Kent Division 1 or below provide their own umpires who must be a County HUA Umpire (e.g. Level 1 or Level 1 Assessed) unless dispensation has been granted to use an unassessed club umpire.

2. Registration Sheet

This season we are asking clubs to use a specific method to register players in the Kent Ladies Leagues.  The excel spread sheet can be downloaded from the Kent website.  Club Reps will only accept registration of players in this format, other formats will be rejected.  We appreciate this may create some more administration for clubs if players already have a longstanding club registration number but this is for match day purposes and should not affect club admin.

All players (including National League and East Leagues) should be registered in numerical order with your first team starting from number 1 and a minimum of 12 in each squad.  So, for clarity if you have 12 players in your 1stXI they would be numbered 1-12, your 2ndXI numbered 12-24, etc. your lower teams will be allocated all have the high numbers.  If you are a bigger club and you have 16 players in your 1stXI then they would be numbered 1-16, your 2nd XI 17-29.  The registered number stays with the player for the season (even if a player is dropped).  If a player leaves the club reassign the number next season.

Please do not register EHL or East goalkeepers in lowers Kent League Teams.

We discussed registration at length at our Div Rep meeting in June as some clubs are still misunderstanding the rules.  For example, players are being registered in the 2ndXI but then play a majority of their games in the 1stXI, making them regular 1stXI players regardless of where they are registered.  But because they are registered in the 2ndXI clubs play them in a 2ndXI game when the 1stXI aren’t playing thus unfairly strengthening the 2ndXI. Having every club use the same method of registering ensures a Div Rep can check a team sheet and see who is playing where immediately.

As agreed at the Open Meeting last season National League players cannot be dropped to the Kent Leagues.  East players can be dropped with the permission of the Kent League Secretary under certain circumstances.  See the rule 8 (d) below as a reminder.

“At the beginning of the season players playing in the National League and East Teams shall be registered on the Kent Registration Sheet (along with the other Club Teams in the Kent League). For National League Team, eleven of these players should be starred and cannot be dropped to a Kent side. The other players should be dropped to East first in accordance with East Rules (separate from Kent). If a need arises for a National League player to be dropped to a Kent League (i.e. rehabilitation after significant injury, months away from EHL hockey etc.) then permission must be sought from the Kent League Secretary. There is no requirement to star East League players, these players can be dropped for injury or team selection purposes but only with the agreement of the League Secretary. If dropped, they may only play for one Kent team on any Saturday. Any changes to EHL starred players can be made during the Christmas break.

Any clubs found abusing this rule may be disciplined and points may be deducted (See Rule 17).”

A copy of your registration sheet should be emailed to each Division League Rep in which you have a team by Saturday 9th September 2017.  Please note the change to the Division 2 Rep (now Kay Parsons).  Late registration sheets incur a penalty of £25.00.

3. Registering new players and making mid-season amendments.

Please use the player registration email box.  All Division reps have access and pick up these emails.  Please email   the title of the email should be your Division and your team.


4. Fixtures/Team Sheet/Results

a. Kent Hockey will continue to use Fixtures Live for the 17/18 season. Please ensure all times and venues are entered by 31st August 2017. Teams in the Premier Division must enter the start times for all their games to enable to Umpire Appointments Secretary to allocate a pool umpire to these games.  This should be done via the KHUA Umpires website.  Appointments cannot be made without start times so please contact Chris Peart if there are any issues.

b. Marden Russets have entered a 3rd team in Division 5 so we will be running that Division with 13 teams. Please see fixtures live as an additional game will be scheduled.

Team sheets should be downloaded from the Kent Website for use by each team at the league game.  Please discard old sheets ad we have updated the match sheet for 17/18 and only this version should be used.  Please ensure the sheet is completed with the team line up (both registered number and shirt number if different) before the game and passed to the umpire.  Captains and umpires should sign after the score and any cards have been entered.  Fully completed team sheets should be emailed or posted to your Divisional Rep by away team the Wednesday after the league game.  For electronic notification please see point 9 on this newsletter.  FL have made changes to the system which allows either team to notify the result.

5. League Rules for 2017/18

There have been no amendments to the rules.  A full set is available on the Kent Website.

6. Changes to the rules of hockey

All clubs, Captains and League Umpires should check the England Hockey or KHUA website to see if any changes or clarifications have been made regarding the rules of hockey before the season starts.

7. Affiliation to the league

Your club should be affiliated to Kent by 1st September 2017.  Clubs who have not paid their affiliation fees by the first league game are ineligible to play league hockey.  Charles Darby, Kent Treasurer, can provide further information.  Email

8. Kent Website

For ease and speed, we will be looking to use the Kent Website Ladies League pages to update clubs on league news and any relevant communications.  This should reduce the need for emails and all the information you need will be in one place.  Please check the site on a regular basis.

9. Changes to Fixtures live

Over the summer FL took the decision to change the way teams notify them of their results.  They are no longer using SMS and have moved to a web-based entry system via a member’s area.  All club admins should have received several emails advising of these changes and how to register.  Please ensure your club has made the necessary arrangements.  I am not convinced this will make it easier to notify FL of your results but I am happy to be proved wrong.  Any feedback once you are up and running would be welcome.

10. League dates

The league starts on Saturday 16th September.  Please see Fixtures Live for dates.

If you have any questions, please contact your Division Rep or me.


Have a good season.


Nicola Wilkes

Kent Ladies League Secretary