Kent Schools Knockout Competition (Boys) 2019-20

Welcome to the Kent Schools Knockout Competition for 2019-20

Update 6th June 2019

Good morning All,

It is that time of year when I start putting together plans for this coming academic year and the Schools (boy’s) county knockout competition. By sending this out earlier than normal it should provide participating schools plenty of time to arrange such fixtures etc.

The entry from is accessible below:

You will notice that the form now includes half term dates for end of Term 3.

Please remember some essential rules, so we do not land up with a late ‘log jam’ of fixtures as per last year’s competition.

• Matches are to be played by the given date and the lack of players, or another fixture are not reasons for postponement or rearrangement – if this is the case then that team will have conceded the match.
• Dates are set to be played by a certain date and the home side is to offer at least 3 different dates before then, cup games can also be played as part of a block fixture.
• Clarification of ages – all ages are based on school years i.e U14s are school year 9 and below, U16s are school year 11 and below. Players may not play in two age groups.

Kent are seeking to make adjustments to the way Junior Hockey is run and organised within the county. Kent Hockey Association have formed a sub-committee for Junior hockey and are looking for input to help shape the provision of Junior hockey within the county – if you are interested in helping out either as a club representative or school representative on the sub-committee please contact (Vice-President of Junior Hockey) in the first instance and he can provide some details of the roles. Secondly we are establishing a communication loop that will allow feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints to be heard in an independent manner. This will be established through a link on the Kent Hockey Association web site.


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Kent Schools Knockout Competition (Boys) 2019-20

Kent Schools Knockout Competition (Boys) 2019-20
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