Kent Boys Leagues 2020-2021

Although we do not know when the new season will get going the intention is to prepare and be flexible when required.

With that in mind we are looking at the hockey season starting as normal in September with matches being played at the end of September early October.

The England Hockey priority list is now out showing which Sundays are available for club leagues. Which Sundays will be used will depend on the number of entries.

Below is the entry form but no charge for entry will be made until we get going.

Simple rules:

  • Girls cannot be used to make up numbers
  • Players who have played in the Mercian league cannot play in the County leagues
  • Normal hockey rules apply
  • If you feel you cannot raise an 11 a-side team but could manage a 7 a-side please use the entry form as well.

Entry form:

Kent Boys League Entries 2020-2021

Form for Kent Boys League Registration
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  • Coaches Phone Number
    Please select the teams that you wish to enter but only one per age group.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.