Secretaries of Leagues involving Kent clubs for the coming season are:

Premier 1st XI

Ian Stone, Email: Tel.: 01737358070

Regional and Kent Leagues

Adrian Kearney, 28 Hunters Way, Darland, Gillingham ME7 3BA. Tel.: 01634 850822 (H)

Subscriptions at the rate of £16 per team will be collected by the county treasurer with affiliation fees Unpaid subscriptions at 31st October will be penalised.

Points drawn to the clubs’ attention are as follows:

  1. On match days, results should be telephoned to the relevant League Secretaries.
  1. No player shall play in more than one League match on the same day, unless it be for the same side playing twice.
  1. Considerable notice must be given to visiting clubs of starting times when artificial surfaces are to be used. Artificial surfaces are compulsory for Premier and Regional 1st Xls.
  1. 1st Xls debarred from the possibility of K.H.U.A. appointments through non-payment of fees or other misdemeanours shall be deemed to lose any match thereafter 5-0 unless remedial action takes place.
  1. Numbered shirts are required for all League games. Captain’s armbands must be worn.
  1. The secretary for the Kent Open Leagues, is Adrian Kearney, details as above.
  1. Subscriptions for Kent Open Leagues will be collected by the county treasurer with affiliation fees. Unpaid subscriptions at 31st October will be penalised
  1. Clubs should keep up-to-date via league website



Fixtures run from 1st October to 10th December 2016 and from 14th January to 25th March 2017

17th December 2016 and 7th January and 1st April 2017 are spare dates.

For all details regarding fixture timetable for 2016/2017 see FIXTURES LIVE