EH AGM Resolution – Our View

27/10/2019 1:42

Kent Hockey Association Management Committee have completed the questionnaire on the England Hockey website on the AGM Resolution and are hoping that Kent Clubs and individuals in Kent hockey will complete the form too which needs to be returned by Monday 28th October.

We thought that we would share our opinions on the Resolution with you in the form of a summary of our return.

Overall the KHA Management committee are deeply concerned about the level of information received to date, especially the impact that the proposals made so far could have on the competition for our clubs in Kent. We are concerned that there is no clear indication of any Forward Change Requirements Prediction, Impact or Risk Assessment.

What will happen to clubs that have a split allegiance – those who wish to be in Greater London for some part of their competition and Kent for another? The lines between the areas when they are fixed could dilute our sub area.

We have concerns about the possible quality of competition that the new structure might offer within the new area.

Is it feasible to make this change ready for a September 2021 start and will EH have the personel to administer and run the change across the Country – experience tells us that change loses volunteers?

We would like to see a commitment for EH to improve their communication across the clubs and governance groups to allow for  successful change. We would like more information on junior/youth hockey as this is the future of our game.

We agree that there are many points that we welcome – the current system is not perfect and some of the proposals are attractive e.g. the standardisation of the rules across all leagues, less committees and potential reduced travel to matches.

In conclusion we agree that the concept is sound, but the lack of detail means there could be a negative impact for some of our clubs and that a plan for the future of junior/youth hockey is included in the final proposal.