East Masters Committee Report for East Management Committee

23/11/2020 11:45

The East region for Kent Ladies teams only. Kent Men’s teams are based in the South region.


The Coronavirus Pandemic has severely truncated all hockey related activities. To this end, Masters’ Hockey has unfortunately found it necessary to cancel all it’s remaining activities for 2020. The 2021 County Tournament has been postponed from March / April 2021 to later in that year, to be reviewed again in early 2021.

The only Masters’ hockey activity under the jurisdiction of this committee played in September / October was a Men’s Regional Over 55s & 60s trial. This was played under full compliance with Covid19 guidelines. All other regional age group trials, Ladies and Men are being held off to January at the ealiest, Covid19 dependent. 

East Masters County Tournaments 2020/21 season:

Currently postponed until later in 2021, Covid19 dependent.

Regional Tournaments – for 2021: 

The 2021 programme is still in the early stages of development with draft dates and venues not yet finalised by the Regional Tournament Committee. Latest dates are as below:

Ladies Over 35s 8th/9th May

Ladies Over 40s 15th/16th May

Ladies Over 45s 15th/16th May

Ladies Over 50s 8th/9th May

Ladies Over 55s 22nd/23rd May

Ladies Over 60s 5th/6th June

Ladies Over 65s 12th July

At date of writing the East region will be hosting the Ladies O55’s.