Cold Weather – Reminders

29/01/2019 21:39

With cold weather expected for the rest of this week, we recognise the potential for postponed league matches this weekend.

If there is any doubt of any fixture being frozen out, Clubs are encouraged to communicate early to avoid wasted journeys.

  • Call the Fixture Secretary in good time. DO NOT rely on e-mail or text message. If there is no answer, leave a message where possible, and ask for an acknowledgement
  • Ensure any KHUA appointed umpires are kept informed
  • Make sure your League Rep is aware of any postponements
  • Rearrange your league games swiftly (Ladies League reserve dates are 16th February and 30th March, Men’s League reserve dates are 30th March).

The Handbook has been refreshed with updated Club contacts (other content we know needs some work).