Kent Boys League Entries 18-19


14th Sept update

U14 and U16 have been posted on fixtures live. Results are to be sent in as there is a charge if clubs do this. The option of clubs putting in results should be locked out.

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At the inaugural meeting of the Junior Clubs group a number of matters were discussed and how this affects the setting up of a junior committee and how this also affects the boys leagues.
Thank you to those who have responded to my previous email and your comments were expressed at this meeting and in conclusion the following was agreed.
  • That the Kent Boys Leagues are to be seen as a development league.
  • That the Mercian League was to be seen as the league for higher performing clubs at junior level and should not be the same side as entered in the County Leagues.
  • AC players should only be used in County Leagues to ensure a fixture can be played and should be minimal by nature to prevent overplaying of young players etc.
  • If clubs were unable to enter the 11 a-side league then they can enter the 7 a-side league applying the same guidelines.
  • Dates available are minimal and where possible slip dates will be entered – provisional start date is 7th October.
  • Winners will be presented with trophies/medals at the Kent Cup finals in May.
  • A minimal entrance fee of £20.00 will be levied for each side entered to cover admin and trophies etc.