Please use the below forms to download for the relevant areas. If there isn’t a form available that you require you can contact the webmaster or your club administrator to ensure it is available on the site.

Ladies Match Day Results form

Ladies match day results form. For more information on this form you can contact your club administrator.
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Red Card / Matchday Misconduct Form

This form is to be completed by the umpire following the issuing of a Red Card or to report a Matchday Misconduct Offence (MMO)

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Umpire Guidance on Red Cards and Matchday Misconduct Offences

Following the recent introduction of new England Hockey documentation relating to Red Cards, Matchday Misconduct Offences, Disrepute offences and Appeals it was felt appropriate for this brief guide to be placed on the KHUA website.

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Code of Ethics / Behaviour Disrepute Incident Form

This form should be used only to report an alleged breach of the Disrepute Offence Regulations. Red cards and Matchday Misconduct Offences Disrepute Offences must be reported using a Red Card/ MMO report form

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Appeal Form

Before completing any part of the Form, please read the relevant Regulations and in particular those sections dealing with appeals. The Regulations can be downloaded from the EH website ( by clicking on the “Equity and Ethics” heading, then following the connection into “Links and Documents”.

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